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Our role will be to accurately convey your message as part of your international communication and to ensure the end result meets your expectations.

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"Translations broaden people and thereby the world. They help you understand people from far-away places." Jon Kalman Stefansson, The Heart of Man

The translation world

Translation dates back to ancient times. Its history is punctuated by various trends.

Literal translation was once advocated, followed by an inclination towards rewriting texts altogether.

Contemporary translation is somewhere in between these extremes: a passport through which the original message is tailored in order to render the meaning, the style, the tone, the full significance of words and even philosophical, social and cultural concepts... from one language to another.

In other words, a continuously changing task, requiring care and technical skills but always conveying the passion, verve and ideas of the original message... through in-depth exploration of the target language's lexical wealth.

A task based on understanding, research and language transposition.

The finishing touches are added through proofreading and editing.

Establishing communication

The author of the source material and the language expert should work closely together... optimal results are achieved through efficient communication.

Translators are usually language postgraduates or self-taught bilingual/trilingual professionals. In any case, we all undergo ongoing vocational training.

As we move from one specialization to the other, be it foreign languages, translation studies, sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, philology, teaching... we acquire the technical skills inherent to our occupation in fields such as IT, audiovisual media, writing workshops, interpreting techniques, movie subtitling...

We work in all fields and demonstrate dependable and reliable research skills, bearing in mind that your expertise prevails with regard to the work you entrust us with.

Our collaboration therefore entails more than a mere client/service relationship.